Cintasoul was created with self-care and positive intent in mind. Through our quality ethically-sourced ingredients and the healing properties of Earth’s most precious resources, we are fully focused on promoting healthy living, both physically and spiritually. It’s our belief that the journey to total living starts from within.

Our Premium Cinta Water

Leaning on our pillar of positive intent, all of our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Moringa leaves are lightly brewed in alkaline water as a base and then infused with whole fruits and herbs until its added benefits and taste reaches our standards. During infusion hours (yes, it takes hours of love), we surround our bins with healing crystals. The water is left charged with the vibrations and stimulating properties of the crystals, adding to the body’s existing energies. This makes Cinta Water hydrating and healing on a molecular level — a process that begins from the inside.